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I am a big fan of the Reading Royals Hockey team, and I take lots and lots of pictures at their games (as you will see if you explore this page).

I started out by trying to put each picture up twice, once in the folder for when/where it was taken, and once in the folder for the player(s) who appear in it. It took too much time, so I quit doing the player folders part way into the 05-06 season. At the end of that season I started naming the pictures with the date, location, and player names, so you can search for a particular player (by searching for his last name), if what you want. Of course they are still sorted into galleries by topic and date.

The picture here is me with Royals GM Gordon Kaye at the 2006 Awards Banquet.

Recent updates:
9-7.-09 Added several games from 2008-2009 season

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